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"Vikki has been an amazing coach for my business. I often have 20 ideas a minute and get easily muddled up and overwhelmed in the middle. But Vikki helped me to find direction and get momentum. I now have paid clients and am starting my first course next week all thanks to Vikki.."


ADHD and Women's Empowerment Coach

I have been working through Vikki Amour's Bootcamp training for the past few weeks. As a business coach she could not have impressed me more. Vikki's energy and expertise is so elevating. She has helped me to regain my confidence in me and my business and inspired me to pursue new lines of business that have long escaped me. Vikki is unafraid to push me to my limits, challenging my thinking, but does so in a way that really works. I kick back at times and she handles that with ease! I quickly learned to trust her implicitly. Not only has my work elevated hugely in a short time, my focus has improved, my procrastination has reduced and I'm firing on all cylinders. Vikki has years of experience in the financial world and has helped me to see my potential to take my work to a much wider audience. This programme is proving a game-changer!


Keynote Speaker, Author, Trauma Therapist and Transformation Coach

I am currently working on my business and using Vikki's 'Start-up Bootcamp' Although I have been in business for several years, there is so much that I still need to do. The Boot Camp is a part video and exercise-based (Blended Learning). Vikki has taken time creating each video, keeping the messages short and clear with exercises that challenge my thinking. Along with the blended learning, I have a team call with her weekly to look at our current challenges and set tasks (goals) for the following week. When I have required extra support, Vikki has created time to continue that support. I highly recommend Vikki Amour as both a 1-1 business coach as well as her Programmes, Thank you Vikki.


Clinical Hypnotherapist

I Kellieanne have had the greatest opportunity to work with Vikki, it has been the most amazing experience – her kindness shines through in her words and her listening. Vikki has really helped me to prioritise and shift what I have needed to within my business and personal life. She has guided me through so many breakthroughs and given 100% support at every moment. Sharing the journey with her has been so amazing and fun. Vikki is passionate and makes the session so calm and it always flows so fast. I love laughing with her and getting tears because she reminds me of the progress we are making and the direction to stay focused on. The quality of each and every session is 100% I always feel relaxed and ready to face any challenge that may arise. I would highly recommend Vikki as a coach to anyone who wants direction, who wants positive and honest support and someone who has genuine passion for her work. Vikki shows 100% commitment to helping get results. Thankyou Vikki for each and every session I really look forward to continually work with you


International Author, Keynote Speaker and Coach

Over the past 3 months Vikki has been holding an incredible space for me, stretching my awareness and helping me gain clarity where I previously had such limitations. The goals steps and strategies I have in plan now for my business through Vikki’s support and knowledge I believe are a real game changer. I can undoubtedly recommend Vikki.


Women Approaching 50 Life and Empowerment Coach

Testimonial for Vikki Amour, my phenomenal Money Mindset Coach. I want to express my deep gratitude to such a Wonderful Money Mindset Coach, as Vikki Amour. Our coaching sessions were full of Joy, Certainty, and Planning. I was able to learn from her broad financial background, shifted my mind for growth, and set my financial goals. Also, she shared with my systems and tool which helped me to gain even more Clarity. On our every session I felt listened, validated, and acknowledged. I recommend Vikki as an outstanding professional who can help everyone whether who is at the start of their journey to wealth and who wants to get to the next level. I trust you can get great value from sessions with that remarkable woman as I did and I’m looking forward to connecting with her further. Warm regards, Sergey Borovik


Founder and Life Empowerment Coach

I have been so lucky to work with Vikki she is amazing at what she does. She is so knowledgeable in all areas of NLP, I would recommend Vikki as a coach 100%. Thanks a million Vikki 👍


Musician, Singer and Author